This is the 4th Paulo Coelho's book I have.  As a fan of Paulo Coehlo, it is especially exciting for me to learn about a good writer's life and mind; much as a fan reads about his favorite artists from tabloid (ok not to that extend).  Yes, as the book title indicates, this is a book Paulo Coehlo writes about his 'Thoughts and Reflections', and through the book I learn how the writer sees the world and events around him. 

Like all other of his works, I can't put it down once started.  Philosophical wits written in simple and beautiful words.  To be honest I am not attracted to ALL the stories in this book (for example I don't get much from In a Bar in Tokyo besides knowing Henry Miller is one of Coelho's favorite writers), but even so I still think this book is worthwhile having.  I can relate to the 'thoughts and insights' but can never think of writing them out these ways (taking The Way of the Bow as an example).  I guess that's why he is a great writer, and I am only a reader .



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