One of my 'goals' for 2008 was 'keep blogging', but obviously this hasn't been reached.  There are several reasons why this goal can't be met but the most responsible one is that 'I can no longer find good wordings for what I see and feel'.  This is sad because all the feelings and thoughts are now only concluded with simple descriptions like "it is a good movie", "it is a bad song", and "it is tasty".  Well, yet with another end of a year, it is time to review the year that've just passed.  'Keep blogging' is still on the top of my list for 2009 because it is not just a goal of logging 'what is' in life, but reminders of opening senses for things and people around me. 

Well, if there is a goal, there will be actions.  One of my action is to get back with reading literatures.  I want my life be remebered and color by words exactly reflect my feelings, and I know once started reading, I can be a lot more exciting again. 



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