Now that I went back and check the name of the workshop, I found that it is A Journey of Hope. Glad that I did not look into the title too carefully at the beginning, else my judgmental mind would normally ignore such a rather general title.    


It is difficult to describe what have actually happened, but I know something DID happen.  I am clearly aware that my deep layer of anger had been put aside (or dissolved?), and as a result I am in big acceptance of quite a lot of things that I found unbearable before.  


Beside settling down my 'chronical', I also 'experienced' my rebellion and my intention to revenge from all the heart-broken past. Although acknowleged, I see myself still holding on and why - I just could not reconcile myself to having been suppressed (basically for everything) from desire. It sounded stuip, but I see it happening that I rather hold on than to enjoy the presence, so I can revenge and keep complaining.  Like the trainer said:  It is easy to deal with the emotion, but the willingness to deal with it is difficult to deal with.  


Anyway, at least I am on my road, and I am sure of my intention now to moving myself forward. Thanks for everyone in this workshop (and specially my buddy).  Now I am indeed on a journey of hope.  


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