Starting this year, I am officially transferred to marketing department.  It is, at least some, said that sales = marketing, but to me it is whole lot different in terms of skills needed.  It is a challenge (and yet fun) to me since I basically start from ground zero for this (zero, meaning no academic or career background).  It is fun looking into this turnaround, as it seems to be the pattern of my life - always return to ground zero at some point in life, and start everything all over.      

Anyway, I never had the chance to log my 'path' into a salesperson and to the management, but it is a chance for me now logging down my life as a marketing person.  There are certainly academic ways to define this job, but I just want to write down every little thing I do in this position, starting ground zero, and see how far I can go.  

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  • Hello, nice to find your blog through google and it really helps me a lot.

    I'm currently working as a foreign sales in a traditional company, responsible for central and southern american markets.

    I'm wondering if your current position is foreign sales manager or marketing executive? Cause I'm kind of curious about the world of marketing. :D

    Thanks for your time and effort!
  • Marketing manager.

    izcream 於 2012/11/29 15:46 回覆

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  • Wow!!! That's so cool!!! Based on your experience and observation, could you tell me what are the necessary personalities for being in this field? And have you seen many examples that a sales jumps into the marketing field? THX!!!
  • Every company is different. My function is only to make necessary tools that help salesperson to sell, so in essence there is not much different than my previous work content, only that I don't need to face-to-face with individual customer. However every company different, for example some company assigns different missions to marketing department. To me, what I was hoping marketing would do for me as a salesperson, I do in marketing now. I guess the personality would be the same for all jobs in general, have the passion for the work and have the passion for the customers, inspiration then comes.

    izcream 於 2012/11/29 17:16 回覆

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  • As you mentioned, what does it mean by "different tools"? Like a platform, or way to promote your products? Thank you again!!!
  • Brochure, newsletters, news releases, trade show posters, all kinds of documents related to product, etc.

    izcream 於 2012/11/30 10:48 回覆

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  • So in your opinion, people who engage in this field need to know design and art?
  • Preferred but not necessary. For the most part the person needs to know how to use keywords (or descriptions) to attract customers - just for this he has to understand product, market, and customers. Then he has to present the keywords in a way that customers can get the messages faster and better - that would at least require certain level of design and art appreciation. However, the problem I see in market now is that, many brochures are well designed, but lack of marketing attraction. If a beautiful brochure do not sell, it is just a beautiful paper, not a marketing tool.

    izcream 於 2012/12/03 11:45 回覆

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